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Ubuntu User (USA/UK)

Ubuntu User is the first print magazine created specifically for the rapidly growing audience of Ubuntu users.

(Lawrence, KS, USA: May 28, 2009) Linux New Media USA, LLC, announces the launch of a new print publication, Ubuntu User magazine.

Canonical's popular Ubuntu operating system continues to win followers around the world, and Ubuntu User is the first print magazine specifically for this rapidly growing audience. "Ubuntu is popular with software developers and IT professionals, but it is also a hit with hobbyists and other desktop users who are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Windows and don't want the restrictive hardware policies of Apple," says Joe Casad, Editor in Chief of Ubuntu User.

In addition to reviews, interviews, community news, HowTo articles, troubleshooting tips, and in-depth technical articles, Ubuntu User includes a helpful Discovery Guide for readers who are new to the world of Ubuntu. A free DVD included with each issue of Ubuntu User provides an easy way for users to upgrade to the latest version. New users can boot from the DVD drive without disturbing the existing installation.

"We're excited to launch a new print magazine,” says Linux New Media CEO Brian Osborn. “We've had great success over the past two years with well designed, high-end print magazines for technical readers. Ubuntu is popular around the world, and it's a great fit for us editorially. I couldn't imagine a better match." In addition to the English version of Ubuntu User magazine, Linux New Media plans to launch a German edition later this year.

Ubuntu User magazine is shipping now to newsstands worldwide.

Ubuntu is a trade mark of Canonical Limited and is used under license from Canonical Ltd. Points of view or opinions in this publication do not necessarily represent the policies or positions of Canonical Ltd or imply affiliation with Ubuntu or www.ubuntu.com. Ubuntu User is not an official Canonical title.

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