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Linux Pro Magazine (USA)

Linux Pro Magazine (USA)
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Linux Pro Magazine (USA)

Linux Pro Magazine brings practical, hands-on solutions for real users who depend on Linux in their daily lives. Our readers are a new generation of Linux experts who are pushing the limits of Linux as a server, desktop, and development platform. They read Linux Pro Magazine to learn more about technologies and products for Linux.

Advanced Yet Practical

Our unique combination of advanced coverage with a practical emphasis makes Linux Pro Magazine a great fit for readers who tend to make decisions and pass on recommendations.

"Linux Pro Magazine has been my first and best resource for up-to-date information and a continual educational resource. I am an 11-year Linux 'veteran' and have read many magazines, but Linux Pro Magazine is able to transcend across all knowledge boundaries to provide the kind of information that all Linux users find useful, might I even say required in this overly competitive IT world. Thank you to Linux Pro Magazine and all of the staff for putting out such a great resource." -- from Patrick Swartz via email