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History of Linux New Media

Launched in 1994, Linux New Media AG – formerly Linux Magazin – has evolved over the years and launched products for different expertise levels in a variety of platforms including print, online, and events, and has expanded into several countries. Today Linux New Media is one of the world's largest Linux and open source content providers.

1994 Creation of the Linux Magazine as a division of Articon GmbH
1995 With issue 10/1995 Linux Magazin adds color to its cover
1996 Spin-off of the business sector in the Linux Magazine Publisher GbR
1999 First LinuxPark at the Systems in Munich
1999 Creation of the Linux New Media AG
2000 LinuxUser launches
2000 Linux Magazine in English
2000 Creation of Linux New Media UK Ltd. based in Manchester
2000 Launch of Online Community Portal Linux Community.de
2002 First LinuxPark at CeBIT in Hannover
2003 EasyLinux launches
2003 Romanian Linux Magazine launches
2004 Polish Linux Magazine launches
2004 Brazilian Portuguese Linux Magazine launches
2005 Spanish Linux Magazine launches
2006 Getting Perspective on Open Source Systems in Munich
2006 Linux Technical Review launches
2007 Launch of the web portal for Open Source in the enterprise
2007 Linux Pro Magazine launches (North American edition of Linux Magazine)
2007 Open Source Special (German) launches
2007 Linux New Media LLC in Lawrence, KS opens
2008 Special Editions launch with Ubuntu 8.10 Special
2009 Ubuntu User magazine launches out of Lawrence, KS; German Ubuntu User launches soon after
2010 Smart Developer launches in English. ADMIN magazine launches in English. Ubuntu User launches in Spanish.
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